Half an Hour Exercise Daily - Day 48

I am doing regularly half an hour exercise from last 48 days. This has been an achievement for me as I can say since decades I have not been able to spent 30 minutes daily on my body. So it is kind of record for me and with every passing day I am able to break my own record and setting new record for myself. Now I have started realizing that exercise is one of the greatest thing in your life if you can do and this is also one of the most important investment into yourself. If you do so then benefits and returns are amazing and you can not count that how many types and how many times benefit you will reap by exercising daily. I am novice into this field but I have started realizing the benefits. I am improving day by day and things are changing for me.

100 Day Challenge
File Photo - 100 Day Challenge

Even if I am not able to move out of my home for exercise like running or walking even then I manage to exercise at home for half an hour daily. I am doing that regularly. Now I have to just work on my diet I have tried many times but still need to work a lot on this part. 

At least I may think for my self that I have inculcated a new habit into my life to exercise daily for half an hour. How about you? Are you planning to start exercise daily? Let me know if you have any such plan in your mind.


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