Day 51 to 55 of HDC for Better Fitness and Health

I have been doing my daily exercise of half an hour as per my commitment to self to reduce weight, get leaner and acquire muscle mass. Generally I try to write about the daily exercise activity but in these 5 days I have been bit busy and moving from here and there during the festival time i.e. one of the biggest Indian Festival Diwali. Though I was having vacations but even then I was not able to write down about the exercises I was doing. Even today I was thinking that whether I would be able to write about the daily routine or not but somehow I managed to sit on my computer system and do the same now. I have been able to manage engage myself in half an hour physical activities. If I manage to go out of home and reach the park then I try to run for 30 minutes or more is not so then at home I try to do cardio and weight training. I do not have many options with weights but whatever I have I try my best to utilize that and improve my body strength. 

I was not able to write about the half an hour fitness challenge for 100 days on 51st day then on 52nd day then on 53rd day and even could not write on 54th day but on 55th day I am writing that I was able to invest at least half an hour in physical exercises. What I am not able to do is that I have to still work on my diet or eating habits. I could not resist myself whenever and wherever I get sweets or tea. I love sweets as well as anything made up of sugar. From next week I am planning to restrict myself on eating. I have to reduce the sugar intake as well as other junk food which I am still unable to decide upon. In next 45 days I will also have to work on my eating priorities along with exercise and running.

Diwali Milan
With Friend Pankaj in Office on Diwali Milan

Sorry for delayed update but it seems that from now onward I would be updating blog on weekly basis. I have to take up few other mini or atomic habits or to inculcate new habits which are essential for my career growth as well as for personal improvement. 


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