Day 50 - Halfway Through The 100 Day Challenge

Today is day 50 of my 100 days fitness challenge. 50 days from today I decided to start a journey for better health and lifestyle. In a new journey, I took 100 days of continuous exercise as a challenging milestone for myself. Now after exercising for 50 days I have completed my half of 100 day challenge. In this challenge I have learnt that I can workout or run or do other physical exercises daily irrespective of my busy schedule. So I can say that not doing exercise is actually a mental block and we limit ourselves in achieving anything which may be easily achievable for us.

50 days of exercise
50th Day of Smile after Exercise

Through this journey of running / jogging / push ups / situps and much more I have reduced some of my body weight and improved my muscle strength, I am now thinner and leaner after 50 days of continuous exercise. Though 100 days mark may be a milestone for me as per my challenge and this domain name but daily physical exercise will be part and parcel of my daily life from now on.

Have you tried such challenge and have you ever exercised for 50 days continuously. If so then you might have achieved some of your fitness goals or any other associated skill development program if you have ever thought of and followed for 50 days. I am also planning to start few more skill improvement through such 100 day challenges. 

Wishing you happy and wonderful life ahead. Do exercise daily and have a fit and fine body as well as mind.


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