Day 47 - Voted for Haryana Govt & Exercise as per Challenge

On the 47th Day of my challenge of 100 Days of Fitness I was at my home in my native village. As I told you 46th day that votes for assembly elections are scheduled today in Haryana. I came from Delhi to village just to cast my vote and exercise the privilege to elect the govt of my choice. I don't know whether the candidate to whom I have voted for will won and sit in the Haryana Assembly for next five years or not or the party for which I voted will be in power in Haryana but I have exercised my right to vote in the Haryana. 

In addition to voting, I have also spent more than half an hour in exercise. There were two parts of my exercise on 47th day of challenge. I exercised in the morning for about 20 minutes and after casting my vote I had to return back to Delhi. So I traveled back to Delhi and I was back at Delhi home by 8 PM. After reaching Delhi I engaged myself in exercise and workout as I was not satisfied with the morning exercise. I worked on my body for more than 30 minutes in the evening which was in addition to the morning exercises.

Election in India
Voted in Assembly Election in Haryana, India

How about you ? what going on in your life? whether you are able to exercise daily or just procrastinating your exercise and good health?


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