49th Day of Exercise and Continuing

On my 100 day challenge I have already taken 49 steps and by tomorrow I will be completing half of my journey on 100 days of at least half an hour exercise daily. This challenge has come into my life as a sudden but welcome change. I was waiting for such an accidental kick which me induce impetus to start growing into different walks of life just be being consistent and taking small steps daily. 49 days back I just thought to start having daily exercise and booked this domain name. I am almost posting daily except for few occasion as I may not be having access to internet or my computer. But in all these 49 days I have invested half an hour daily for my better health and body. My lifestyle has improved a lot over last 49 days and many changes I am experiencing over the passing of every day.

On the 49th day I could not do 30 minutes of exercise in morning so I invested half an hour in evening or better can be said in the night around 10 PM. Recently I have added one new exercise into my regular exercises and that is exercise for my better jawline. I am doing 2 / 3 exercises which as per many videos on the internet may give great results if done regularly. I have added these my schedule and doing the same from last two days. 

100 Day Challenge
Day 49 of 100 Day Challenge

49th Day of Exercise
49th Day of Exercise

Other favorite exercise for me are 100 push ups, 60+ sit ups, leg raise, crunches and various dumbbells exercise. Tomorrow I will run as per my expectation as I have not been able to run in last couple of days. Even in Vivekananda Park Mayur Vihar Phase 1 there are some issues as some repair / maintenance / up-gradation work is going on. They have damaged the track at many places so feel uncomfortable while jogging / running in the park at various places. I may change the park for morning run from tomorrow. I will have to shift to some smaller park as I have another one in vicinity. 

Let us work daily and have healthy body and health mind.


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