45th Day of Fitness

On the 45th Day I completed my workout from home by going through the 100+ Push ups , 90+ squats, Leg Raise, Crunches and exercises form arms and shoulders. Sometime I feel that whether I should go to park or should not go there. If the answer is in negative then next question which pop up in my mind is generally then how to complete the half an hour exercise challenge. Then I start counting the minutes while doing various exercises either with or without weights. If you really want to change then Your body weight is enough for you to transform your body. It is not a big deal to transform your health if you really, you are the obstacle in your transformation. You need not to go to gym if you just work from home like start doing some warm up exercises and then you can do some exercises like push ups, situps, stretching, bending or any kind of movement in your body, you will see the change if you continuously repeat the exercise for more than one month. So just think positive and start acting and change will follow automatically.

So on 45th day of healthy lifestyle I spent time enjoying exercise at home and while investing more than half an hour of hard work on my better health I was happy and satisfied. I will keep doing daily exercise for at least half an hour to improve your health everyday.

If you are also planning to improve in any field of your life then take a challenge and start working on that. One more thing you should do is that you must track what you are doing everyday. By doing so, you will realize that changes are taking place and you will get inspired by your own acts just by writing and analyzing the outcome. So I invite you all to come and play the 100 Day Challenge by doing or investing some of your daily time for next 100 days. I promise you that you will see and feel the change even before doing the same for just 3 weeks and by the completion of 100 days you will be totally transformed as I am feeling myself even at the 45th day of my challenge. Wishing you all happy and beautiful life.

45th Day of Exercise
45th Day of Exercise

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise 

Inspirational quote of the day - Difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations. – Zig Ziglar


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