40th Day of Exercise Challenge

40th day of my challenge is over and on 40th day I exercised for more than 45 minutes. It was a mixture of running and exercises including arms, shoulders, legs. My exercise of the day started with 100 push up challenge and followed by 60 Goblet Situps. In addition to this I have also engaged in dumbbell exercise for arms / biceps / triceps and shoulders. In the open space i.e. in the park I engaged in jogging with two rounds of the park which took about 20 minutes of time. I also enjoyed some exercises in the open air gym of Mayur Vihar Phase One Park. MCD East has installed open air gym in various parks and public can utilize that facility of robust exercise in the parks. Open Air Gym has mainly used the blend of calisthenics and gym i.e. you need to exercise using your body weight. Most of the machines installed in the park are developed in such a way that you use your body weight while doing these exercises.

With the completion of 40 Days of 100 Day Challenge I need to go on for two more months i.e. 60 days to accomplish the 100 day fitness challenge. Have you ever taken such a challenge ever for your own improvement?  Share your thought and journey if you are also on some challenge for improvement in any walk of your life. Wishing you happy living and lifestyle.

40th Day of exercise
40th Day of exercise

100 Days of Running
100 Days of Running

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise

Inspirational quote of the day - Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. – Newt Gingrich


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