34th Day of Exercise

Today is 34th day and with the completion of today's exercise I have completed more than one third of my 100 day fitness challenge. 34% of my exercise challenge is over. As last night I came back to Delhi so today morning I decided to go for a long run. I could manage to run about 9 kilometers in 55 minutes. It was greatly satisfying as I could not run in last two / three days due to going to village and coming back and so on. Running seems to be the best exercise and most satisfying physical activity. When you start a running journey it seems at a far off distance and not with in your vision but if you keep moving one step after another you can reach such destination. In the same fashion I complete my running of one hour or five rounds of the park in Mayur Vihar Phase 1. Where do you run generally you can share with me in Gym or in open spaces? 

In last 34 days I could not manage to do the exercise in a precise manner but what I could manage to do was that I could exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes in different form as per my conveniences. The exercising regularly for more than one month is bringing lots of positive changes in my life. It seems that I have reduced my weight by 2.5 Kg ans at least one inch of my girth around waist. I feel more energetic and active now. I am eating whatever I want without any hesitation but with some restrain in quantity. 

I think by the 100 days I will have greater body, lesser fat, more endurance, better fitness, better health, better lifestyle and tons of other benefits. What else you can expect just by investing half an hour a day for physical activities or exercises. How are you doing in your life... Stay blessed and keep enjoying your life. Love you all.

100 Day Challenge
After  Completion of  34th Day of Running

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise 

Inspirational quote of the day - Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. – Norman Vincent Peale


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