27th Day of Running for Better Health

Day by day I am reaching closer to my goal i.e. 100 day challenge for better health and fitness through half an hour exercise daily. Today I have completed my exercise for 27th Day which included running for 25 minutes and then working out in open gym in DDA Park. Thanks to Delhi Development Authority that they have installed open gym in most of the DDA parks across Delhi. Those who are interested in doing some exercise and even don't want to join any gym may go to the DDA Park and do different exercises through the open gym along with running / jogging activities in the park. Sometime I too after finishing my running activity engage in exercising their and sometime I come back to home and do some exercises related to abs / arms / chest etc. I spent sometime in Open Gym in the park and enjoyed the exercises there. You too can find a nearby Gym if you happen to be living in Delhi or if in your surrounding such facilities are available. 

There are some activities which are very useful for our bodies but I like these three the most i.e. Running, Swimming and Cycling. Among these three if you engage yourself in Swimming your chest will broaden due to muscles which will engage in swimming with strengthen you upper body the most. If you will engage in cycling then your calf muscle will be developed excellently but I like running which need not require any swimming pool or water body or cycle in the case of cycling. You just get ready and start running that is it. Running is considered as one of the best exercise and I love it. You too can try running if you have not ever tried and if you want to restart then do so and activate your body.

Enough for the day and Happy Living to all of you.

100 Day Challenge
27th Day of Running

Open Gym
Open Gym Delhi

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise

Inspirational quote of the day - The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. – Unknown


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