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Day 51 to 55 of HDC for Better Fitness and Health

I have been doing my daily exercise of half an hour as per my commitment to self to reduce weight, get leaner and acquire muscle mass. Generally I try to write about the daily exercise activity but in these 5 days I have been bit busy and moving from here and there during the festival time i.e. one of the biggest Indian Festival Diwali. Though I was having vacations but even then I was not able to write down about the exercises I was doing. Even today I was thinking that whether I would be able to write about the daily routine or not but somehow I managed to sit on my computer system and do the same now. I have been able to manage engage myself in half an hour physical activities. If I manage to go out of home and reach the park then I try to run for 30 minutes or more is not so then at home I try to do cardio and weight training. I do not have many options with weights but whatever I have I try my best to utilize that and improve my body strength. 
I was not able to write about the …

Day 50 - Halfway Through The 100 Day Challenge

Today is day 50 of my 100 days fitness challenge. 50 days from today I decided to start a journey for better health and lifestyle. In a new journey, I took 100 days of continuous exercise as a challenging milestone for myself. Now after exercising for 50 days I have completed my half of 100 day challenge. In this challenge I have learnt that I can workout or run or do other physical exercises daily irrespective of my busy schedule. So I can say that not doing exercise is actually a mental block and we limit ourselves in achieving anything which may be easily achievable for us.

Through this journey of running / jogging / push ups / situps and much more I have reduced some of my body weight and improved my muscle strength, I am now thinner and leaner after 50 days of continuous exercise. Though 100 days mark may be a milestone for me as per my challenge and this domain name but daily physical exercise will be part and parcel of my daily life from now on.
Have you tried such challenge a…

49th Day of Exercise and Continuing

On my 100 day challenge I have already taken 49 steps and by tomorrow I will be completing half of my journey on 100 days of at least half an hour exercise daily. This challenge has come into my life as a sudden but welcome change. I was waiting for such an accidental kick which me induce impetus to start growing into different walks of life just be being consistent and taking small steps daily. 49 days back I just thought to start having daily exercise and booked this domain name. I am almost posting daily except for few occasion as I may not be having access to internet or my computer. But in all these 49 days I have invested half an hour daily for my better health and body. My lifestyle has improved a lot over last 49 days and many changes I am experiencing over the passing of every day.
On the 49th day I could not do 30 minutes of exercise in morning so I invested half an hour in evening or better can be said in the night around 10 PM. Recently I have added one new exercise into …

Half an Hour Exercise Daily - Day 48

I am doing regularly half an hour exercise from last 48 days. This has been an achievement for me as I can say since decades I have not been able to spent 30 minutes daily on my body. So it is kind of record for me and with every passing day I am able to break my own record and setting new record for myself. Now I have started realizing that exercise is one of the greatest thing in your life if you can do and this is also one of the most important investment into yourself. If you do so then benefits and returns are amazing and you can not count that how many types and how many times benefit you will reap by exercising daily. I am novice into this field but I have started realizing the benefits. I am improving day by day and things are changing for me.

Even if I am not able to move out of my home for exercise like running or walking even then I manage to exercise at home for half an hour daily. I am doing that regularly. Now I have to just work on my diet I have tried many times but s…

Day 47 - Voted for Haryana Govt & Exercise as per Challenge

On the 47th Day of my challenge of 100 Days of Fitness I was at my home in my native village. As I told you 46th day that votes for assembly elections are scheduled today in Haryana. I came from Delhi to village just to cast my vote and exercise the privilege to elect the govt of my choice. I don't know whether the candidate to whom I have voted for will won and sit in the Haryana Assembly for next five years or not or the party for which I voted will be in power in Haryana but I have exercised my right to vote in the Haryana. 
In addition to voting, I have also spent more than half an hour in exercise. There were two parts of my exercise on 47th day of challenge. I exercised in the morning for about 20 minutes and after casting my vote I had to return back to Delhi. So I traveled back to Delhi and I was back at Delhi home by 8 PM. After reaching Delhi I engaged myself in exercise and workout as I was not satisfied with the morning exercise. I worked on my body for more than 30 m…

46th Day of Exercise

46th Day- today is Sunday or Fun day. I have to travel at least more than 200 kilometers to my native village to cast my vote. In Haryana tomorrow is set to be a day for voting to elect new government for next five years. I will go to village and cast my vote to candidate / party of my choice. So having that thing in my mind I also had few other things when I woke up in the morning. Just after waking up I struggled for few seconds whether I should go into park or stay at home and exercise from home. I just left home to jog and exercise into park for the day. So I went to the park and had some running time as per my challenge and then exercised for sometime. Went into another park and did some simple exercise. One important exercise of the day was chin pull over and today is the day when I have first complete chin pull over and I went upto 3 in the count. So the day is special for me and I should have some party time to celebrate the first pullover. Have you tried how difficult it is …

45th Day of Fitness

On the 45th Day I completed my workout from home by going through the 100+ Push ups , 90+ squats, Leg Raise, Crunches and exercises form arms and shoulders. Sometime I feel that whether I should go to park or should not go there. If the answer is in negative then next question which pop up in my mind is generally then how to complete the half an hour exercise challenge. Then I start counting the minutes while doing various exercises either with or without weights. If you really want to change then Your body weight is enough for you to transform your body. It is not a big deal to transform your health if you really, you are the obstacle in your transformation. You need not to go to gym if you just work from home like start doing some warm up exercises and then you can do some exercises like push ups, situps, stretching, bending or any kind of movement in your body, you will see the change if you continuously repeat the exercise for more than one month. So just think positive and start…

44th Day - Workout In Open Gym

On 44th Day of Fitness Challenge of 100DC I invested one hour in working out in Open Air Gym / Open Space Gym in a Park in Mayur Vihar Phase 1, which is adjacent to Supreme Enclave. I thought of running initially but then start doing physical exercises other than running and spent lots of time doing those exercises. I don't know why but while I was doing pushups in park I felt like it takes more efforts in doing 100 Push ups in the park as compared to doing 100 Push ups at home. I also preformed 60 weighted squats in the park as there were some bricks which I used as weights while doing squats to strengthen my glutes and lower back. Other exercises involved crunches, exercises for arms and shoulders strengthening. 
After completion of these exercises once again I start thinking whether I should go for a run or not and then came a call from inside that I have to do many other things so it is better to go home and start preparing for other activities of the day as I have already sp…

43rd Day of Exercise & 35 Minutes of Running

On 43rd day of daily workout I tried to get out of bed by 5:00 AM but could not to so until 6:00 AM. As per challenge of 100 Day of daily exercise rest is not optional. I went to park for running in the morning after a couple of days. I enjoyed running for more than half an hour and spent some time exercising in the Vivekananda Park in its open space Gym. If you wake up early and go to any of the park you will realize lots of people have good habit to come to park and having morning walk as well as other exercises depending on their interest as well their age group. All may not be already healthy and they may be aspiring to be healthy through various modes of exercising like walking, jogging, running, playing badminton, playing football, yoga, meditation and working in the open air gym with various exercises to build muscles, lose weight or stretch you body and improve flexibility. But it is good sign that people want to be healthy. Sometime you may also realize that those who are in…

42nd Day of Fitness Challenge

On 42nd Day I invested half an hour of my time into exercising at home. Main exercises taken up by me today were pushups, situps, crunches, biceps and triceps related exercises with dumbbells and curl road. From last few days I was performing pushups and situps regularly but was not able to do crunches and leg raise. Today I have devised a method to preform the crunches and leg exercises on priority basis by inserting these exercises along with push ups and sit ups. I have completed these exercises today and hope that in future also I would be completing these two exercising in which I am irregular with those two exercises in which I am regular. I could not go for running in last two days but I am sticking myself to the half an hour exercise challenge.

From the morning tomorrow I will be going for morning run. In addition to shortage of time and waking up schedule in last few days I was also having some pain in my left leg. Now I am feeling much better and I will be running from morn…

41 Days of Better Health

I took 100 day challenge of regular exercise in the first week of September 2019. Though I started regular exercise few days before walking on this path of 100DC. Once I decided and booked domain It has become my regular activity to undergo 30 minutes of exercise at home or anywhere. I have been to various places in last 41 days like have gone to Haridwar, Rishikesh and also to my native village in Fatehabad district of Haryana. Wherever I have gone I have accomplished the goal of half an hour daily exercise. Recently the results of daily exercise are showing up and few of friends and family persons have started noticing the change in my outer shape of my body. I am getting leaner and stronger day by day. It seems that I have just completed 40 days of exercise and in coming two months substantial change / transformation will be seen in my body as I am holistically following the fitness regimen. As I sometime get bored of doing a kind of exercise so keeping that in mind I kept my goal…

40th Day of Exercise Challenge

40th day of my challenge is over and on 40th day I exercised for more than 45 minutes. It was a mixture of running and exercises including arms, shoulders, legs. My exercise of the day started with 100 push up challenge and followed by 60 Goblet Situps. In addition to this I have also engaged in dumbbell exercise for arms / biceps / triceps and shoulders. In the open space i.e. in the park I engaged in jogging with two rounds of the park which took about 20 minutes of time. I also enjoyed some exercises in the open air gym of Mayur Vihar Phase One Park. MCD East has installed open air gym in various parks and public can utilize that facility of robust exercise in the parks. Open Air Gym has mainly used the blend of calisthenics and gym i.e. you need to exercise using your body weight. Most of the machines installed in the park are developed in such a way that you use your body weight while doing these exercises.
With the completion of 40 Days of 100 Day Challenge I need to go on for …

39th Day of Challenge - Exercising at Home

In the morning today I failed to get up early in the morning but just after waking up I tried to complete the 30 minutes exercise challenge but could invest only 20 minutes in exercise. So I  decided to exercise later in the evening to complete the workout for the day. Today is 39th day of my 100 days of better lifestyle and health. In the morning I had to go somewhere so went to that place and after coming back to home I engaged in my exercise. I worked out for more than 40 minutes using dumbbells and curl road with some weights. I enjoyed working in the evening too as it was in my mind that I could not do the daily exercise target in the morning so I have to do that before going to bed. And I did that. 
Just because of time constraint and other unavoidable issues I did not fix a single kind of exercise but fixed the time limit for daily exercise in which I can exercise for half an hour as per my choice. Whenever I want to run I can do so or whenever I just don't want to go outs…

38th Day of Challenge - Running & Exercise

I am on my way to fulfill the 100 day challenge which I took in the first week of September 2019. I was looking for a way in which I can exercise daily to have a healthy body and healthy mind. What I realized that people across the world take 30 day challenge, 50 day challenge, 100 day challenge or round the year challenge for one or multiple activities. Those who have completed these challenges have shown their improvements as well as positive and negative side, ups and downs during the challenge etc. I also took a 100 day challenge for daily exercise. I thought I may not be able to do the same exercise for 100 days so I customized my 100DC as per my convenience, need and availability of time for me. I decided to have at least 30 minute exercise regularly which may be single exercise of blend of exercises. Today is 38th day of my challenge and it seems to me that I have significantly improved in these 38 days as people have started saying that I am becoming thinner and leaner. I am …

37th Day of Exercise

On the 37th day of workout challenge I woke up at 5 AM and started my exercise with 100 Pushups. Squats were followed just after pushups and some exercises with dumbbells and curl roads for shoulders, arms and chest. These are such exercise which I preform at home and then running and walking is one such thing which need to be completed in the park. In the running part I am facing few problems i.e. Lower part of my left leg is paining, some destruction and construction is going on in some parts of the park where I go for run, I am also looking for other options of running like running at home without treadmill can I engage myself in standalone running at home.... Let us see what happens ... After a gap of two days I went to the park for running but I was feeling uncomfortable while running in the uneven track and then after the running was over I was feeling pain in my left leg. So I will ponder over and explore some alternative ways for safe running...
Apart from running I engaged m…

36th Day of Exercise

On 36th day I have gone through a number of exercises. Morning exercise today included about 4 kilometers of walk in the park and then other exercises like crunches, leg raise, Russian twists, squats. In addition I also engaged myself in the exercises of arms, shoulders and chest. Due to recent development which I have shared with you yesterday that I am having basic home gym stuff for beginner with me. This "Home Gym" has started helping me in burning my calories from home. You can engage into exercise whenever you want or whenever you feel working out. I am going to do some of the exercises in the morning and some in the morning as well as in evening. I hope that I will not overwork and keep doing the exercises daily without any interruptions.

I am feeling some pain in one of my legs so having some rest from running but alternatively I am engaged in daily exercises which cumulatively makes more than one hour of workout daily. Let us see what changes this brings into my bo…

35th Day of Workout & Exercise

I have completed 35th Day my challenge of 100 days of regular exercise. As I ordered few days back for some weights / roads through Amazon as Great Indian Festival Sale options were available at that time. I ordered for "home gym for beginners" which was PVC weights, curl road, skipping rope etc. I received the Amazon order by 11 AM and just after receiving the Home Gym I unpacked the stuff and went on more than one hour session of weight training. I enjoyed working with the new stuff I received as weight on curl roads, dumbbells with bigger weights. 
I was feeling little bit pain in my legs so I decided to go for home workout on newly received stuff from Amazon which I ordered some days back. I enjoyed working from Home too. If everything will be fine then I would be going for a run in the morning. Today morning I missed running in the park as I was feeling the pain in one my leg. I hope pain will go away by the next morning and I will be on the track in the morning. How y…

34th Day of Exercise

Today is 34th day and with the completion of today's exercise I have completed more than one third of my 100 day fitness challenge. 34% of my exercise challenge is over. As last night I came back to Delhi so today morning I decided to go for a long run. I could manage to run about 9 kilometers in 55 minutes. It was greatly satisfying as I could not run in last two / three days due to going to village and coming back and so on. Running seems to be the best exercise and most satisfying physical activity. When you start a running journey it seems at a far off distance and not with in your vision but if you keep moving one step after another you can reach such destination. In the same fashion I complete my running of one hour or five rounds of the park in Mayur Vihar Phase 1. Where do you run generally you can share with me in Gym or in open spaces? 
In last 34 days I could not manage to do the exercise in a precise manner but what I could manage to do was that I could exercise every…

31st / 32nd / 33rd Day of Exercise

On the 31st Day I had to go to my village form Delhi so I was short of time as most of my time was to be spent in travelling. So on that day I exercised for half an hour in the morning as a mixture of running and dumbbells exercises. Even after reaching my home at village I engaged myself in some activities and exercises to satisfy myself I was unable to spent lots of time in the park. I had to travel about more than 250 kilometers and before that I had to go for health assessment at somewhere near Karkardooma Metro Station and after that I had to go to my office for a meeting and to go back to my flat and then to start the travelling for my village. So in sum it was a hectic day but still I managed to accomplish my exercise goal.
On the 32nd day I was at home so I did not go outside and did my exercise at home. It was not in a stretch  for 30 minutes but about two sessions of 20 minutes each. In the exercises I managed to do pushups, situps, planks and exercises related to arms, sho…

30 Days of Better Health, Fitness and Exercise

Title of today's post is "30 Days of Better Health, Fitness and Exercise" which also indicate that I have completed one month of exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. I don't know about other benefits but one thing I have achieved in last 30 days that whenever I wake up in the morning my mind start craving to go to the park for running / exercise or if that is not possible then exercise at home. This has become my daily routine and I am improving in many ways in my life through this transformation. I waking up early in the morning from last 30 days, I exercising or running daily for 30 minutes from last 30 days. I feel agile and active from last one month due to regular exercise and slight decrease in my body weight. I have also improved my stamina, BMI, routine etc in last one month. I am saying so because the day I took challenge for myself to have a better version of me in next 100 days was started with sudden popping out of idea while listening some motivation…

29th Day of Running

On the 29th Day of my health and fitness challenge I went to park for running along with one of my friend who has come to visit Delhi. He accompanied me to the park and we spent sometime there walking and talking. I as a part of my schedule of half an hour of exercise engaged myself in park to have a round or two which almost meas 4 kilometers. But today I hardly run for 3 kilometers and came back home with all that. Just while coming back I asked him to take couple of my photographs as everyday I shot my self with a selfie. I came to conclusion by seeing those photographs that he is better photographer than me. I will upload those photographs today as part of my 100 day journey to better health and lifestyle. 
In addition to short span of running in the park I had a small session of exercises at home and even in the evening I will workout from home. Working on myself at least for 30 minutes has become a ritual for me and kind of deeply ingrained habit which I would like never to giv…

28th Day - Running 10K on Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

Yesterday I though of running about 10k on Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti i.e. 150 birthday of Bapu Gandhi. I just thought in my mind but when woke up today it seemed impossible as it was too late. Then somehow I thought of going into park and just run for few minutes. While I was going towards the park I decided that I must run for 10k which was just a thought in my mind, which suddenly popped out from my grey matter. So was it, I ran for 59 minutes and completed a distance of 9.7 kilometers. It seemed like a great fun as when you just move out of your home thinking to run for few minutes and come back with home with 10k distance covered. A runner just need an idea to run and this idea came into my mind when I was browsing through upcoming running events across the country in general and Delhi NCR in particular. On the occasion of 2nd October being a national holiday to honor Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi, an organization has organized a 10K run in Nehru Park in Chanakyapuri. By the time …

27th Day of Running for Better Health

Day by day I am reaching closer to my goal i.e. 100 day challenge for better health and fitness through half an hour exercise daily. Today I have completed my exercise for 27th Day which included running for 25 minutes and then working out in open gym in DDA Park. Thanks to Delhi Development Authority that they have installed open gym in most of the DDA parks across Delhi. Those who are interested in doing some exercise and even don't want to join any gym may go to the DDA Park and do different exercises through the open gym along with running / jogging activities in the park. Sometime I too after finishing my running activity engage in exercising their and sometime I come back to home and do some exercises related to abs / arms / chest etc. I spent sometime in Open Gym in the park and enjoyed the exercises there. You too can find a nearby Gym if you happen to be living in Delhi or if in your surrounding such facilities are available. 
There are some activities which are very use…