Day 2 of 100 Day Fitness Challenge

On day 2 i have also completed my exercise for half an hour. i have gone for 4 kilometers jogging in park. in addition to jogging i have also done some physical exercises like push ups, exercise for biceps and triceps. Running / Jogging is my favorite exercise so i consider to devote maximum of my exercise schedule to jogging. Because jogging or running you have to go outside in some park i.e. close to nature and you move in open space. 

For next two days my running / jogging may be halted due to some outstation visit but i will continue to post updates about my exercise of 100 day challenge. May be i will be doing exercise in my room or if get some appropriate place outside i will keep continuing my goal. Happy Living!

Day 2 of 100 Day Challenge: Some Photographs
100DayFitness Day 2

Day Two Exercise

Journey for better health

100 Day Challenge

Day 2 - Fitness Challenge

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