Day 1 of Fitness Challenge

Though I started to exercise few days back on regular basis but from today I am starting my 100 Day Challenge of fitness. In next 100 days I will be exercising everyday for "atleast half an hour". There is no ceiling on exercising more than 30 minutes a day if possible I can go for an hour or more exercise too. In my first 100 day challenge I have not taken specific exercises. As per my convenience I can run, work on my own, go to a gym etc but major focus of my challenge will be mainly on jogging. If I am unable to go for running then I may also invest my half an hour time in other physical activities. 

I wanted to share with you all that currently my weight is 72.5 kg. My belly is bulging out so reducing weight and circumference of my belly are among the top priorities. Let us see, where we will land up through this journey for betterment of my health and fitness. My first day of 100 day challenge for better health, fitness and stamina.



Today I ran for almost 4 kilometers and then did some other exercises. In addition to running I also walked for 2 kilometers. In the day time I will also walk few kilometers that I will be in addition to this fitness challenge. Healthy food habit is another important factor which I will have to follow along with this healthy lifestyle challenge. 

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