25000+ Steps on 20th Day of Fitness Challenge

Twentieth Day of 100 Day challenge means one fifth of the project. So I am just 10 days away from the first milestone of my challenge for healthier and better life. Today, I run for almost 54 minutes and completed about 9 kilometers distance. But as in the evening when I am sitting on my laptop to write about today's post I realized that I have taken more than 25000 steps which means more than 19 kilometers. 

Even earlier I used to walk a lot and preferred to opt for walk as much as possible but what is happening now a days that whenever I run more than 7 kilometers a day in the morning and then usual steps taken by me in the day time crosses the limit set by me. My mobile phone has target of 10000 setps a day but now a days on average I am taking more than that. In last week I have taken more than 20000 steps on four different days. You too give me company and have your own walking or running challenge.... Whats your plan?
20th Day of 100 Day Challenge

Google Fit App
Google Fit App

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise 

Inspirational quote of the day for all of us: 

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius


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