19th Day of Fitness Challenge

I am moving closer to my challenge day by day. In the morning I could not go to park for running and exercise due to being late and there was urgency to go somewhere. Throughout the day I was thinking about coming back to home and engage myself in at least half an hour workout / exercise. It could be possible only after 9:30 that I could complete the workout of half an hour.

Yesterday as well as today I could not take more than 10000 steps somehow but I could manage to exercise more than 30 minutes. Hoping that tomorrow will be much better than today in respect of exercise and I would like to engage myself in exercise for more than 60 minutes. Still I am unable to find how much is my current weight... will let you know as soon as I come know that.

100 Day Challenge

20th Day of Fitness Challenge

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise

Inspirational quote of the day for all of us:

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. – Robert H. Schuller


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