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26th Day of Exercise

On 26th Day of exercise I just run for 35 minutes and after that called it a day. As in last two days I was approaching about 10 kilometers so today I decided to give my body comparative rest. Being Monday morning is starting of the week so have some jobs to do. As I am thinking to complete 10K twice or thrice a week will improve my body for more running and preparing for half marathon or marathon in future. 
Just logged in to say you that have a great life and exercise regularly ... whatever you can do you must do whether it is indoor or outdoor exercise / activity.

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise
Inspirational Quote of the Day -
Focus on your goal. Don’t look in any direction but ahead.

25th Day of Running

Today is 25th day of my 100 day exercise challenge and I have completed one fourth of 100 days successfully. Just like yesterday I decided to complete 10 kilometers and today I completed 10.3 k in 60 minutes. It was an amazing experience and I feel great whenever I approach near ten kilometers target. Earlier I used to think that 10 kilometers of run is a difficult challenge and need lots of mettle in doing that. Now it seems that when you start practicing something everyday then such a difficult goal becomes achievable. I would not be running 10 km daily but would like to go for that twice or thrice in a week. I also hope that in last phase of fitness challenge may be after 75th day I may take a challenge or try to complete 10km after that everyday. Let us see what is hidden in the future.
Whenever I step into the park for morning exercise initially it feels that whatsoever may be your target initial few steps are always crucial and something I feel how much time I should spend on t…

24th Day of Running

On the 24th day of Running I thought to run for 10 kilometers and I ended up at 9.2 kilometers in about 53 minutes. It was a good try and I was feeling exhausted after completion of my morning run. One month back I was not able to even think that I would be able to run more than 5 kilometers a day and another important thing that I would be able to get up early in the morning to go for running. In last more than 20 days I have improved a lot in waking up early in the morning as well as doing exercise daily with a minimum of 30 minutes. Taking small steps regularly is nothing but building or accomplishing a big project steadily by taking one step at a time and even that step may be very small. But good thing in taking these small steps is that you are progressing each day and you are becoming better than yesterday by taking such small steps regularly.
Tomorrow I would be completing one fourth of my 100 day challenge. When I started I was not aware that I would be able to exercise for …

23rd Day of Running

Just to tell you today is 23rd day of my 100 day challenge and I have completed my exercise for the day. I went to park and kept running for 35 minutes and after that came back to home. At home, I engaged myself into some exercises like push ups and exercises for arms with dumbbells.
Now it seems that running in the morning has become integral part of my daily routine or you can say that I have developed a new habit of engaging myself into exercise for half an hour or more. I would like to keep moving ahead and pushing my limits in different domains of my life. 
I also challenge you to give yourself and challenge for 30 / 60 / 90 or 100 days challenge for better health, lifestyle or to develop any other skill which you feel that you should work on. Also share here about your challenges and improvements.

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise
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Never give up. Great things t…

22nd Day of Running

On the starting of 4th week of my challenge I completed around 7 kilometers of running which took about 40 plus minutes of time. Day by day and week by week I am moving ahead. I was just checking into my Google Fit App and it was showing that in this month have already taken more than 0.3 million of steps. This seems quite amazing in a way. I am moving a lot these days and particularly in this month multiple times I have taken more than 20000 steps in a day. As generally I track that how much I have walked today and in that way it is becoming basically a kind of game for me. 
In addition to other workout and exercises just running and walking distance cumulatively is becoming almost more than 12 kilometers a day and I am enjoying this. At various instances like while I am moving in / out of metro station I prefer to take staircase than to life / escalator. DMRC / Delhi Metro is frequently used by me to and from my residence so while using public transport and and going to metro-stati…

21st Day of Running

I thought of 100 Day Challenge for Healthy Body and Lifestyle 21 days ago. Today I have completed three weeks of exercise which include engagement in some physical activity for more than thirty minutes everyday. It feels great to go for challenge for self improvement and betterment and health and lifestyle as I have already completed for last 21 days which means 21% out of 100%. I don't know how much I have improved but one thing is for sure that I have taken initial step of a great journey for rest of my life. Physical activity everyday has again become part of my life after decades of almost sedentary lifestyle. In today's life where automation is all around us and we generally don't even want to take a step, health has become a major issue even among youth. Physical activities bring into our life health, wellness and if you exercise in open spaces  / parks etc you even need not to pay even a penny for running or doing different exercises.
With the completion of today&#…

25000+ Steps on 20th Day of Fitness Challenge

Twentieth Day of 100 Day challenge means one fifth of the project. So I am just 10 days away from the first milestone of my challenge for healthier and better life. Today, I run for almost 54 minutes and completed about 9 kilometers distance. But as in the evening when I am sitting on my laptop to write about today's post I realized that I have taken more than 25000 steps which means more than 19 kilometers. 
Even earlier I used to walk a lot and preferred to opt for walk as much as possible but what is happening now a days that whenever I run more than 7 kilometers a day in the morning and then usual steps taken by me in the day time crosses the limit set by me. My mobile phone has target of 10000 setps a day but now a days on average I am taking more than that. In last week I have taken more than 20000 steps on four different days. You too give me company and have your own walking or running challenge.... Whats your plan?

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayCha…

19th Day of Fitness Challenge

I am moving closer to my challenge day by day. In the morning I could not go to park for running and exercise due to being late and there was urgency to go somewhere. Throughout the day I was thinking about coming back to home and engage myself in at least half an hour workout / exercise. It could be possible only after 9:30 that I could complete the workout of half an hour.
Yesterday as well as today I could not take more than 10000 steps somehow but I could manage to exercise more than 30 minutes. Hoping that tomorrow will be much better than today in respect of exercise and I would like to engage myself in exercise for more than 60 minutes. Still I am unable to find how much is my current weight... will let you know as soon as I come know that.

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise
Inspirational quote of the day for all of us:
Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. – Robert H. Schuller

100 Days of Running - 18th Day of Challenge

My 100 Days of Running - 18th Day of Challenge
It was eighteenth day of my fitness challenge and I successfully completed my exercise of the day for continuously 18th day. I was thinking to complete 10 kilometers of jogging in the morning but then while doing exercises decided to stop at 6 kilometers. In coming weeks running for 10 kilometers daily or on alternate days is also in the mind. I am just thinking that just for few more weeks I should continue to do 5 / 7 kilometers a day and after the completion of first milestone i.e. 30th Day of challenge I should increase the daily jogging upto 10 kilometers at least on alternate days.
Today is Sunday that is why I was thinking to go for 10K but finally did not. By the 18th day I feel that once you are out of bed you can go and complete your exercises whether it is running / walking or going to Gym or swimming / cycling etc. But still for 100 day challenge I am just about to reach 20% of my challenge by day after tomorrow. Still a long…

100 Days of Running -17th Day

I have completed 17th day of running and fitness. Again my fitness application is showing that I have completed around 6 Kilometers in about 35 minutes. Today I could not spent my time doing other exercises due to some time constraint but as my time spent in exercising was already more than 30 minutes and some of other exercises like leg raise, situps etc were finished along with running. 
Always when I start running and with in the first 100 meters it seems that taking even a single step is very difficult but if you keep taking one step at a time and keep telling your mind that you have to just follow then you can even complete unthinkable. So as usual in 100 Days of Running Challenge I have successfully completed 17days of running and other exercises. From last few days I am realizing that everyday my daily steps taken are crossing about 20000+ this is also a remarkable achievement along with 100 days of running challenge. I am waiting to see my improvement and for that main milest…

16th Day of Running - 100DC

I could not update about my 16th Day of challenge so doing it right now. As usual I got up early in the morning and spent my time investing into my health and fitness through running and other exercises. I run for more than 5 kilometers which is usually completed by me in about 30 minutes. In addition to running I also spent some time in exercises which are needed for better abs / abdominal muscles, arms, shoulders etc.
From last 10 days I am not getting a chance to weight myself. I presume that I have reduced my weight but without verification I can't say how much or even these feeling may be just deceiving me. Once I get a chance to weight then I will confirm how much weight I have lost in last 16 days. While I took this challenge my weight was about 72.5 kg. Now when I see into the mirror I realize something from my belly has been lost. 
Now running 5 kilometers seems easy to me. As one day in last week I run for more than 9 kilometers and after completion of that throughout t…

15th Day of Challenge for Fitness & Exercise

As usual one more great day. I am on my way to better health and lifestyle. I am enjoying my journey towards better version of myself. I decided 15 days back that now onward I will be exercising daily for more than thirty minutes. Since then I am following the schedule and sometimes my engagement into exercise go for more than 2 hours but even if I am short of time / urgency or illness I am trying to manage the thirty minutes from 24 hours a day.
In the morning, I went to park for exercise and running. I completed 5.5 kilometers of jogging and then did other exercises. As I was going through Google Fit app and realized that total steps taken by me today are more than 17300 or 13.6 kilometers. I dont know about the accuracy of this application but still it gives me positive vibes. If you are also on the fitness journey let me know how much you walk daily or total steps taken by you generally in a day. From more than last one week I have not checked my weight but I feel healthier, lighte…

14th Day of Challenge - Completion of 2nd Week

Fitness is important in our life because healthy body is must to have healthy mind and healthy mind is must for everything in our lives. Though morning exercise is becoming integral part of  my healthy lifestyle but just to travel through journey of 100 days of better health is going to be building block for rest of my life. So far of this 100 days I have completed 14 days till now it means I have completed 2 weeks of exercise / workout / running / jogging and it also marks 14% completion of my challenge. It is going great and now it seems first few days are really very crucial. I am seeing myself that things are changing in my life i.e. I dont feel lethargic while getting up in the morning by the 9 AM in the morning while you have already invested in your health more than one hour of your sincere efforts, you generally feel yourself on cloud 9 that is happening with me. Though still changes are not evident externally but I have started realizing within myself.
Today was a special da…

13th Day of 100 Day Fitness Challenge

On the 13th day I was not feeling well in the morning. I woke up late and due to pain in my leg I could not go to park for jogging. I tried to manage and do my physical exercise from home for at least half an hour. Even that I could no do more than 15 minutes due to some unavoidable circumstances. Throughout the day I was feeling uncomfortable mentally due to this. In the evening I decided to go for exercise at home for more than 30 minutes.
So in the evening instead of morning I have completed my scheduled exercise for a fit and healthy body. I engaged myself in various types of exercises from home specially which involves use of dumbbells. I don't know how I will feel in the morning but one thing is sure that I will go for jogging in the morning. 

Know I am understanding that why people feel mentally uncomfortable when after adopting a schedule for something they are unable to do it for some reason. They feel incomplete or feel compelled from within to do that part of their din…

12th Day of Physical Fitness Challenge

As usual 12th Day exercise wise completed as per my plan. Went into the park and had a jogging stint and then exercise related to arms, chest etc. Today, when I woke up my mobile was having just 5% of battery. That is why I could not take the mobile phone along with me and could not take some pictures. Though I thought that after returning from park and completion of exercise I will take some pictures but I had some urgency of work so in hast could not do that. Anyhow I have completed 12 days of my exercise meaning thereby 12% of the challenge  I have started with the pledge to do half an hour exercise everyday for better body and better mental / physical health.
This routine is certainly changing my perception towards healthy lifestyle and also that everyone can achieve healthy body and healthy lifestyle just by controlling laziness, procrastination and excuses which our mind keep telling us all the time. Even while I go for jogging always initial steps seems very difficult but once…

Day 11 - Running for Healthy Life - Fitness Challenge

Today being 11th day, I am following my exercise schedule for workout and running. As I decided myself that I will try to do more exercise specially on Saturday and Sunday. It is not compulsory but I will try to focus on this aspect of exercise. Keeping that today is Sunday I went extra miles while running. After completion of exercise I felt bit tired and exhausted and had a short nap after coming back to home before breakfast.
Other exercises like pushups / situps / leg raise etc were finished as per schedule and plan. I am not yet seeing any major change in myself other than that now I wake up early in the morning and do exercise almost for more than one hour, which is double than what I have promised to myself for next 100 days.
It is a wonderful journey with challenge to yourself and competing within yourself. You have to beat yourself in competition and prove that you are better version of yourself than yesterday. I will keep updating you on this front, whatever changes I will …

Day 10th of Physical Activity and Better Health / Lifestyle

100 Day Challenge of physical fitness and better health has been completed 10% as per schedule. On 10th day of my workout as I wrote in yesterday's blog that I will be following a schedule for physical activity for next one month so that my body may acclimatize to physical exertion and activities. For my workout schedule there are two parts: first one is about some physical activities and exercises which I can do at home or outside home and second is running or jogging for which I need to step out of home and need to spent some time jogging / running / walking.
I have completed my day 10 exercise of "half an hour" actually it was more than one hour. I will keep you updating about my journey and how I am going through it.

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise
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“Don’t take rest after your first vi…

9th Day of 100 Days for Fitness

On the 9th day of fitness challenge I was back in the park for jogging. Yesterday I chalked out a plan for my 100 day challenge for better health and fitness. My challenge for 100 days is "30 minutes exercise" everyday. That I am following from last 9 days. I was jogging / running more so yesterday I decided to have some plan for remaining days. I will not be doing too much exercise but my plan for next three weeks will be as following:

Jogging : About 2 kilometers
Sit ups: 30
Leg Raise: 30
Push ups: 50
Touching feet: 15
Exercise for Arms: 20 Minutes

I will stick to this plan till next 4 weeks then slightly increase all the exercise. I think body being adaptive and adoptive of the circumstances, we should also give some time to our body to adjust into the changing lifestyle.

As usual, I completed my most of the exercises in the park and some at home. Just posting some pics after workout and jogging in park, where I go everyday for jogging.

Have a better, health and full-ful…

Day 8 - 100 Day Fitness Challenge - Exercise from Home

On 8th day of Fitness Challenge I couldn't go to park so decided to exercise from home. As per 100 Day Challenge, I completed my half an hour of exercise schedule at home. On 8th day most of exercises were related to arms and upper body. Running and Jogging couldn't be part of today's exercise program.
Quote of the Day .... 
If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”  quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.
Pic of the day from 8th day workout of 100 Day Challenge...

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise

Day 7 of Fitness Challenge - Completing 1st Week Successfully

As today is 7th day of my fitness challenge by completing my workout for the 7th day I have completed one week of my fitness challenge. Though regular exercise and workout is now integral part of my daily morning routines but even then doing something for first 100 days is important as you are trying to make it your habit. I am not looking for change in my physique immediately but I am more satisfied everyday by waking up early in the morning then doing about one hour exercise daily. It seems to me my dream come true of becoming an early riser and starting my day with exercise. Because health mind needs healthy body and healthy body needs regular physical activities. I am now on the right path of attaining better health and lifestyle through this routine of mine. 
100 Day Challenge or 100 Day Fitness Challenge is not to show all these to others but to tell everybody that I honor my words, I do what I say. 

Have a better, health and full-fulling life ! #100DayChallenge #100DayFitness …

Day 6 of My 100 Day Challenge for Fitness

As I told you all that yesterday I came back from Rishikesh but could not go for jogging but as per my challenge of "half an hour" exercise everyday I completed that at home. Today I went to park and had jogging for more than half an hour time. I covered almost 3.5 kilometers in half an hour. After that I also exercised for my belly fat reduction. In sum today I felt much better as I was back on the track. Jogging for me is the best exercise and I love to do so. 

Enough for today!
As Steve Jobs said
"Stay Hungry, Stay Focused"
Have a better, health and full-fulling life !
#100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise

Day 5 of Challenge - Back to Delhi

On day 5 of challenge I am back to Delhi but not feeling to go out in the park for jogging so decided to exercise from Home. From tomorrow, I will be back on my jogging routine. Today, I am exercising from home for "half and hour" as per my 100 day challenge for better lifestyle, better body fitness. I am on the way of my body fitness challenge and completed my half an hour exercise routine.  
Due to overnight journey from Rishikesh to Delhi I was feeling little bit tired so tried to exercise at home. Looking forward to jog from tomorrow in the park / open space which I like most.
Stay Happy, Stay Blessed and wishing YOU all Happy Living!
#100DayChallenge #100DayFitness #100DayRunning #100DayExercise

Day 4 of Challenge - Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

On fourth day of my fitness challenge I traveled from Haridwar to Rishikesh as per my planned visit. Again as I was out of Delhi so again there was an option to walk and burn calories as much as much as possible for me. After reaching Rishikesh we decided to walk from Ram Jhula in Rishikesh to Laxman Jhula along the Ganga through Swargashram / Swarg Ashram. When we got tired then sat along a tea stall whose name was Sushil Ji and as per poster on her tea stall he seems to a political activist. We sipped tea there and had conversation with Sushil Ji who seems to be a well informed citizen of Rishikesh. He is very cordial with passerby asking them for Tea / Coffee or Maggi etc and those who sit there to have something he  will engage in coversation with them and discuss about weather, culture and much more. We also had long discussion with him and left for Laxman Jhula from there. Laxman Jhula is not very far from Ram Jhula but you can go via vehicle but walking along green track is a …